Fri 14 Aug 2020 13:14

BRUFC's AGM will be held on Wed 9 Sep at 7:30pm at Biggleswade Rugby Club. Due to the current restrictions, we expect that places within the club will be restricted to 35 people, although the meeting will be streamed live via Zoom.

Please email Graham Horgan asap on if you wish to do any of the following:

 - Request attendance in person at the AGM
-  Attend the AGM via Zoom (your name and email address is needed to join)
-  Put yourself forward or to nominate someone else for a committee role (we rely on volunteers to keep the club running, so please consider this)
- Should more than one person stand for a role, an online voting system will be put in place.

Committee roles are included in the Agenda (attached Download), which also includes last year's minutes and this year's accounts.




  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Minutes of A.G.M.


  1. Chairman’s Report


  1. Secretary’s Report


  1. Treasurer’s Report


  1. Election of Office Bearers


(a)   Chair

(b)   Vice Chair

(c)   Secretary

(d)   Treasurer

(e)   Men’s 1st Team Captain

(f)    Ladies 1st Team Captain

(g)   Men’s 2nd Team Captain

(h)   Men’s 3rd Team Captain

(i)    Membership Rep

(j)    Youth/Mini Chair

(k)   Chair of Selection committee


(l)    Safeguarding Officer x2

(m)  Building Coordinator

(n)   Grounds Person

(o)   Bar Rep

(p)   Social Rep

(q)   Grants Rep

(r)    Media Rep

(s)   Sponsorship Rep

(t)    Ordinary Members (3 +)





  1. A.O.B


  • Adoption of new Vulnerable Person Policy (Secretary)
  • Adoption of new Discipline Policy (Secretary)


  1. Closure


G T Horgan

Hon Sec

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