To play for Biggleswade you will need to be a member of BRUFC and also be affiliated with the RFU


Age Grade Player Affiliation (formerly known as Registration) is done online and is FREE

All Age Grade players have been unaffiliated (de-registered) for season 21/22 in line with the annual Age Grade affiliation process that requires parents/guardians to affiliate their child annually.  Parents/guardians simply need to log in and complete the Renew Affiliation form for their child.

Age Grade Player Affiliation is an online annual process for club players between U6 to U18. RFU Regulation 15 requires players to be affiliated annually online each season.  For parents of individuals U5 and below; the child’s account can be added to GMS and attached to a club but there is no requirement to formally affiliate. 

Using the online affiliation and sign up process in GMS removes the need for paper forms, reduces administrative burden, increases data accuracy and places the ownership/update of data with the parents which complies with the RFU Minimum Data Standards.

Parents / players / coaches - you need to re-register (U6 to U18 players) for the 2021/22 season:

Log in to GMS Biggleswade page here:

If you/your child(ren) have played for Biggleswade before you should be able to get in using the email you submitted when you registered, if you do not know your password, re-set to the email address (remember to check spam and allow time for emails to come)
  • Log into GMS
  • select re-affiliate,
  • check/update all details
  • save
To add Family members select Add - then ensure you Affiliate them if they are playing for Biggleswade this season.
If you/your child or siblings have never played before you will have to create a new account
If you are unable to log in using your email address, as it is known in the system, please email and confirm your email, your name, and who you want to register and the age group they play in.

Please see further info and guide for parents here:

and step by step how to do it here:

To play at biggleswade you will need to be a member of the club:

Membership products

They last for a full season, but can be paid by direct debit throughout the season

Notice of setup MUST be followed up with an email to to ensure it is allocated to the correct age(s) and people where applicable

We understand times and lives are hard and not everyone can afford the full amount, but please speak in confidence to the membership secretary, or your coach, there are options or funds available to help.  We will not turn any one away.

U17 playing with seniors

Youth – (2021/22 form not available yet Download ) the U17 playing with Over 18s form.  This must be done each season

This has to be completed for all 17 year olds playing adult rugby whether they are playing in an adult team or just training.

A copy needs to be kept by the club to be with the player at all times and one needs to be returned to safeguarding officer to pass to East Midlands

This must be done before they are cleared to play Adult Rugby.  Teams have been disciplined for failing to complete the form.

Adult Player Registration:

Adult – Adult Registration Application Form

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