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stration forms

Biggleswade Rugby Club:

Membership form – 2019/20 -  Download


Adult – Adult Registration Application Form

Age Grade Player Registration, formerly known as Youth Registration, became a fully online process from 2018-19. This reduces the burden on everyone and streamlines the process to help players, parents and volunteers in the Age Grade sections of our rugby clubs and in particular our Club Registrars.

New Players:
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Existing Parents / players / coaches
Club Login to add new players or update your details, if you do not know your username please email or you may be able to reset your password with your email.

Please see info and guide for parents:

Youth –  Download the 2019/20 U17 playing with Over 18s form.  This must be done each season

This has to be completed for all 17 year olds playing adult rugby whether they are playing in an adult team or just training.

A copy needs to be kept by the club to be with the player at all times and one needs to be returned to safeguarding officer to pass to East Midlands

This must be done before they are cleared to play Adult Rugby.  Teams were disciplined in the 2018 season for failing to complete the form.

Any member of the Club/CB or Organisation, who is seeking to work/volunteer in a role where they will have contact with children (persons under 18 years of age) or “Adults at Risk”, should complete this RFC Volunteer Application & Self Declaration Form

Download - The completed form must be returned to the club Safeguarding Officer marked ‘Private and Confidential - SDF’. If you are considered to be unsuitable to work with children or Adults at Risk, appropriate action may be taken and the relevant organisation(s) will be informed.

DST File for (older) Kit badge –

Download the Embroidory file as dst file:  Download    or zip file:    Download

please email if you require furthe assistance